Would you believe that I'm still going?

This guy is not at all easy to draw!


But I want to get it just right. Plus, it's hard to work on something when it's all stop-start amongst other things, as you probably know. Commissions. Meetings. Freelance jobs. Birthdays (the fun part!). Vacuuming far too often because of the above partial dog (not so fun).

And, you may have noticed how reliable my internet connection has been of late - sorry for the disappearance. If I disappear again now you will know why!

Tomorrow I'm heading to the gallery to pick my artworks up. I'm itching to get my hands on my Sirena piece because there's something that's bugging me about her that I haven't been able to change since it's been hanging up on a wall all this time, and I won't be happy with it until I've fixed it! 

I'm so picky. So, so picky.