Enormous Tiny Art Show #27

Enormous Tiny Art Show #27

I've seen this show from afar and always loved seeing the series of tiny pieces organised in wonderful little collections by the clever folks at Nahcotta Gallery, so when I was asked to be a part of the most recent installment of the Enormous Tiny Art Show, I was very happy to be involved! 

There's something special about working on really small artworks. It's a similar feeling to me to curling up with a good book - there's something comforting about it for some reason! 

This was the first time I've had some of my new mini watercolour landscapes or moths on display anywhere, and they have all found homes. The paper was mounted to panels so they could be presented in tiny float frames. The three slightly larger insects (and when I say "larger" I mean approx 6 x 6"!) are all oil paintings on aluminium panels, which are again finished in float frames. I'm very happy with how they look together. 

You can see all the available work from this show right here!

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