Live PanPastel Zoom Class - July 21st/22nd
Live PanPastel Zoom Class - July 21st/22nd
Alex Louisa

Live PanPastel Zoom Class - July 21st/22nd

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Join me for a live PanPastel Zoom Class!

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Wed July 22nd - 9:30am-12:00pm AEST

Tues July 21st - 7:30pm - 10:00pm EDT/EST

Tues July 21st - 4:30pm - 7:00pm PDT/PST


Over the two and a half hours I'll discuss my experience from when I first started using PanPastels, and how I use them differently now. I'll introduce you to the basics of applying and blending your two colours, including a demonstration of various mark-making techniques, and I'll show you exactly how I use the sponge (Sofft Tool) to apply the pigment. I am constantly asked how I achieve such details with this tool - you'll find out how! 

Before the class I'll provide you with this same reference image, so you can print it out and we can all work through this 10x10" black and white Magnolia artwork together. (Here's a time-lapse video showing you what we'll be creating!) You'll receive the link to the Zoom class at least 24 hours beforehand. 

Since the class is live you'll be able to ask questions whenever you wish, and we'll have have time for an extra Q&A session at the end as well. I'm scheduling a few weeks ahead to give you plenty of time to order your materials if need be. Limited spaces are available, and you'll have access to a video recording of the class for 4 weeks afterwards.


You will need:

- Black and White PanPastels

- Art Sponge Bar Point Sofft Tool. (You'll only need this one sponge for this exercise, but you may like to buy a mixed pack of sponge tools to experiment with.)

- Dark Grey Pastelmat paper. (One full 20 x 28" sheet will give you four 10 x 10" pieces to work on, with a spare strip for testing/practise. Art Spectrum Colourfix Smooth paper is also an excellent choice, but I'll be working on the Pastelmat for this demonstration.)

- A few spare sheets of printer paper to test on and to draw your magnolia sketch onto first. 

- A sheet of paper towel or scrap paper for cleaning your sponge.