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Alex Louisa

Young Butcherbird - Original Monotype

Young Butcherbird - Original Monotype

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Original Monotype. Oil-based ink on 280gsm cotton rag printmaking paper.

Image size:  6 x 8" / 15 x 20cm

Paper size: 9 x 12" / 23 x 30cm (approx.)


What is a monotype?

A monotype is a form of printmaking which creates an original, one-off artwork.

In my case, the image is painted on an 6 x 8" / 13 x 20cm acetate sheet in reverse. Extra details are added with subtractive techniques (my favourite part!) and the image is then transferred to the paper with a printing press. This process creates a beautiful bevelled border on the paper around the edge of the acetate sheet. There is only one chance to get the image to print correctly, and the print can not be repeated. Hence the name!

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